Nain rugs take their name after the Persian city of Nain. Nain was renowned for producing high quality woollen cloth until the craft fell into decline in the late 1800s to early 1900s. To revitalize the city, rug-weavers were brought in from the city of Isfahan and workshops established, and by the 1950s Nain had established itself as one of the foremost carpet weaving centers in the world. Given this backdrop, it is only natural that many features of Persian Nain rugs are shared with Isfahan Rugs, both in terms of construction and design. Nain rugs are almost exclusively made with silk and wool piles on cotton bases, however, with the silk in the majority of Nain rugs used to outline the patterns and motifs through the rugs. In addition, the coloring of Nain rugs is distinct from Isfahans, with the majority of Nains having blue and ivory schemes.

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