Ghoochan rugs can look very much like Caucasian Rugs and others can be mistaken for Baluch Rugs. Ghoochan or Quchan is an important collection point for Kurdish and Afshar tribal and village rugs. The rugs share designs with Northwest and Caucasian Kurdish Rugs and Afshar.
large, circa 1900, Quchan Kurd pile rug from North East Iran. The designs in this rug are related to West Persian Kurdish groups that moved from their ancestral homelands to Eastern Persia in the 17th century. Some of the design influences of the noble West Persian Bakthiari tribe are also represented in the borders. The Quchan Kurds primarily produced weavings only for their own utilitarian purposes, thus pile rugs of this type are very seldom available in the market. They are rarely seen outside of the tribal villages near Meshed. In addition to the colorful palette, note the large center medallion, the graphic imagery in the central fields and the dramatic ivory white borders. All natural dyes.

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    Persian Handmade & Hand knotted  Carpet

    Condition:  Used

    Origin: Iran,  Ghochan

    Material:  Wool & Silk

    Design:    Ghochan

    Dimension: 200 cm  x  292 cm